Easy Peasy for Evie

Easy Peasy for Evie

Following on from the blog post on World Spay Day 2016 and the importance of neutering, I thought I would share my own experience as a cat owner and the spaying process.

Having Evie spayed was the easiest and best thing I could have done for her. I can let her run around and play outside, safe in the knowledge that she won’t be able to bring home any litters of kittens!

We dropped her off at our local vets at 9am, and had her back home by about 3.30pm the same day. The cost was roughly £60, we paid into a pet plan in monthly installments to help with the cost, but this will vary depending on your vets practice.

Evie is used to being pampered, but when she arrived home after getting spayed, she really knew how to play us! Although she was a little cold and shivery, the vet said this would be normal and to keep her warm. The image below shows Evie in her favourite place, her radiator bed and we placed a light blanket on her for extra warmth.



She was sleepy as was to be expected and the next morning she was back to her bouncy self. You can see from the photo on the right the small circle of shaved fur where her wound was, which was neat and clean, this grew back pretty quickly.

The vet advised us to reduce the amount of food we give her, as her body has less work to do. Evie is prone to weight-gain, so we changed her diet to a dry food which specialised in neutered kittens.

I hope by sharing how simple the spaying process can be, this helps put other cat owners mind at ease.

All views expressed are those of my own and not necessarily that of Cats Protection Stranraer & District.