The True Cost of Kittens

The True Cost of Kittens


Cats Protection Stranraer supports national campaign to protect kittens bred for sale

Cats Protection has launched a national campaign calling for change in the law to protect young kittens being sold sick and underage.

The True cost of Kittens campaign was created in response to a growing commercial market resulting in kittens being bred in poor welfare conditions and landing new owners with hefty vet bills. It calls for urgent action to update the law on pet sales and clamp down on those who put money before basic welfare.

Cats Protection Stranraer Branch Manager, Sally Adam said: “Sadly as the local cat charity in this area, we see the results of this too often. Basically there are more cats in our region than homes on offer. Cats brought into our care sit in pens for too long before an adopter comes forward.”

Cats Protection is calling on the Government to bring in regulations which would ban the sale of kittens under eight weeks old, regulate repeat breeding from the family cat and define commercial cat sales.

If you’d like to get involved with the campaign, click here to sign the e-petition.

You can follow the campaign on Twitter by clicking here.


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