Your Cats Wish List No.2: Neutering

Your Cats Wish List No.2: Neutering


World Spay Day 23rd February 2016

In honour of World Spay Day this year, we’ve dedicated this blog post to some information on the importance of spaying and neutering your feline friend.

Our recommendation is that cats are neutered at four months of age to protect from any unwanted litters of kittens. Many cat owners are unaware that kittens are able to have kittens themselves, from less than six months of age!

Cats Protection Stranraer & District offer free neutering for people receiving benefits, pensioners, students and those on a low income. In November 2015 we ran a free neutering promotion for the second year running in Wigtownshire, totaling 265 cats neutered free of charge. This breaks down into:

  • 217 belonging to an owner
  • 42 farm/feral or stray cats
  • 6 cats brought into our care before re-homing

The cost for this to our small branch was £7,200, raised from fundraising and a small grant from the National Cat Centre. We are here to help those who really can’t afford the cost of getting your cat neutered, but feel they still want a furry friend to call their own. (We ask that those who can afford this one off bill, to allow us to use our precious funds for those who can’t and for the cats in our care waiting for new homes).

For the facts on neutering, including why it is still important to get your male cat neutered, visit our Essential Guide: Neutering – Family Planning for Felines.

If you would like help or advice about spaying or neutering your cat, please get in touch. Email or call 0345 371 2759.


Thank you!


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